Having had 8 pregnancies and 4 live births myself, I’ve looked at many newborn related resources. I found when having a newborn there are so many unknowns. From having your first baby all the way to your 4th or more there is so many questions, different circumstances, scenarios and options. Even expecting my 4th, I still had questions! I have put together many resources to help answer and write questions to talk with your Doctor, OB or Midwife. Links from Prenatal care, Birth to Postpartum care support. I also included feeding your baby and unique keepsakes you might have never heard of. My heart aches along with yours if you need support when grieving a loss, which is a category as well.

Here you will find information from site you might of heard of such as Baby Center, all the way to more amazing unknown local artists such as Forever Bellies.

I hope you find this information to be useful to better prepare you for birth, parenthood. In hope to help other parents know that Parenthood is a revolving door of choices. There are many options and I have categorized them in a way I believe is resourceful.


If you see something I might be missing or a link to great information covering everything newborn related, please feel free to let me know! I would love to expand my resources so help more expectant mothers be prepared for every stage of having a little one! I love supporting local businesses, so please message me as well if you are local and have something to offer!

Prenatal Resources

Birth Resources

Newborn and Postpartum Resources



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