Prenatal Resources

After your first few visits with your family doctor its best to look into the care you envision for your growing family. Firstly, being a baby lover, and a mommy myself at April McColeman Photography. I have put together a list with some prenatal research for you all in one place. First thing I believe is important is to figure out what kind of care to get for your pregnancy and through your delivery and consider post birth support as well! Who knew there were different options? Create a Master list of questions or concerns you may have. Then go meet them in person, see how you bond, do you envision a birth this this health care provider?

Care Options

Do you live in Ottawa and searching for a midwife? Search here:

Recommended classes

Early prenatal care and education is very important for both mother and baby. I encourage mothers and partners to review the information and activities available to smooth your transition to motherhood.

Certainly, if you know of other information you think would be helpful to mothers please contact me and let me know!

In conclusion, if you have specific healthcare concerns or questions about the research displayed, please contact your licensed healthcare professional for advice or answers.

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