Milestone Session

December 14, 2019

Blog readers, today I have the pleasure of showcasing you baby Adeline, who’s officially 4 months old when I photographed her milestone session in September. We also got some great family photos too!

milestine session baby girl Manotick

Her cheeks and sparking eyes has everyone saying “Awe”! She defiantly wasn’t thrilled about my large camera as I got to see lots of cute pouty lips. Which I personally love, it was one of those really puckered curled lip showing full dissatisfaction of seeing me instead of her mom. It was precious to get to catch it on camera for mom to have as a keepsake! I did get to sneak away some smiles when she saw mom!

Addie made us work for a smile! Mom kept her happy with some music – yes everyone was singing and clapping for those adorable smiles! Lets just say there was lots of laughs haha, every parent know how hard you sometimes need to distract! It would have been entertaining to have footage of what we would have looked like!

Of course mom had an arrange of adorable clothing options, it was hard to pick! We selected a couple of headbands from Tiny Prop Shop to complete her look.

I also treated this family with a Hand painted background on one of their photos. I enjoy getting to express my creative side, add some colours and make images even more unique. It allows me to blend colours from within the image and home decor to really make it an Art piece. I love doing them but they are very time consuming. What do you think of the end results?

Fine art milestone session handpainted background

Interested in preserving your milestone images? Contact me so we can begin personalizing your session!

milestone session Manotick Ottawa
April McColeman photography session Manotick