Family Portraits

November 3, 2019

Isn’t this family just lovely! If you do not know this Family, the thing you cannot see from their family portraits is their story of hardship they have been through this past year! The battle their mom has been battling, the suffering, the waiting and unknown. Carole their mom was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma in January 2019.


Of course, many surgeries, treatments and tears followed. Photography is amazing to document the fun and growth of a family. It also is important to document the not so good parts to remind you how hard you’ve worked and why you have to keep going. This tough mama was told she had a 20% survival rate after her first set of treatments. She had then begun her second round.

Give mom a big hug!

I donated this session and an art piece to help this family during their hardest year. In hopes that seeing these images on the wall will give strength! Looking back, I have photographed this family a few time thought the years and the girls are just so much more grown up this time.

These two girls, Zoe (10 years old) and Lucy (7 years old) have been so much fun to photograph! Throughout their Family portraits they could strike a pose and they had so many hugs for mom and dad! We had the session at A.Y. Jackson Park just here in Manotick near the water. Fall colours where in full bloom. Such a small little park but there is so much beauty in this little place. I enjoy photographing there!

Manotick_Family_Photo_session_A.Y.Jackson Park

Wishing you continuing strength and it’s so rewarding to hear it was all worth it!

Want to help?

Click here to Donate on their go Fund me page.

Sister Love!
Silly Girls
Family Portraits_April_McColeman_Photographer

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